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Advantages of Partnering with Gigaplex

Great movies deserve great viewing experiences!

Gigaplex uses Apps to screen movies - directly to a user’s device. Every App is a proprietary piece of software, developed by Gigaplex engineers. Our apps are accessible from a wide variety of App stores. They provide a superior experience to viewers versus traditional browser-based viewing. Our customers have demonstrated that they are willing to pay for exceptional content in an exceptional viewing environment if it is conveniently available on demand. When content owners partner with Gigaplex by contributing films and TV content to our growing library of feature-length films and television content, they get a chance to exhibit their content to hundreds of millions of potential viewers. Be assured that our customers will watch your film in the highest possible quality. Our built-in social media tools let content owners and fans of their films instantly share their experiences with people in their circles of influence. We regularly welcome new content owners – producers, distributors, studios and other content owners – to the Gigaplex global platform. If you would like access to our mobile global content distribution platform, please click the “Support” tab and send us an email. We will contact you within two business days.

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