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Gigaplex is an exciting new media company powered by a proprietary, integrated technology platform. We stream movies, TV shows and other entertainment content, in real time, to all devices that run the "Apps". We can stream to smart phones, including iPhone and Android, personal media players, including iPod Touch and tablets such as the iPad and Android tablets.

Content: Titles as diverse as our viewership. In an entertainment landscape cluttered with a dizzying array of options, Gigaplex promises to be the channel of choice for discriminating movie fans around the world. Currently, we carry full length feature films including top-notch US independent titles, award-winning international films from South Asia (and soon more titles from Nollywood), some of which are available for the first time ever on this platform, and the classics. We can't promise that you will like every film but we are unwavering in our commitment to bring every well-made film to you!

Convenience: Any smart device that runs the Apps. Watch on your smartphone, tablet or connect the device to your TV. High quality streaming is assured, thanks to adaptive streaming and our video technology genes. Available 24/7, anywhere on the planet. Gigaplex offers a free download of our branded application on any mobile device, that allows consumers to enjoy the films in real time.

Choice: Our flexible and affordable pricing provides both movie aficionados and occasional viewers an instant movie-going experience. Be a subscriber and get unlimited access or rent a single film. Your call.

Community: Join us. Like us on Facebook, get our tweets about the latest additions and the news from the world of international cinema, RSS feeds, commentary on the films we have and tell your friends about the films. Share your thoughts with us whether you have compliments for us, our moviemakers (we'll convey the message) or if we missed the mark. feedback@igigaplex.com


Our vision is simple.

We intend to be the largest distributor of "off-Hollywood" content on the planet

Our mission is to democratize global content distribution and consumption. Our daily focus is to make that the great curated content available on virtually every mobile device on the planet. Any Time! Any Place!

We intend to provide the easiest to use, most affordable and fun experience for people to watch videos, anywhere they want to watch it, be it in a café, in a train, at the beach or at home. For content producers and owners, we provide instant access to tens of millions of potential customers so they can monetize content in perpetuity and around the world to audiences that would be otherwise unreachable.

We do all the heavy lifting. We bring together all the necessary pieces of the equation– a robust technology platform for encoding, storage and delivery of content, 24/7 availability, security, e-commerce management, insightful viewership statistics and millions of viewers seeking a high-quality user experience.



The team consists of passionate serial entrepreneurs, creative folks, who love movies and thrive at the nexus of content and technology. Our deep expertise in media and related technologies has driven us to become digital media gurus; guys who know their way around the media world…from Bollywood to Hollywood and back!